Our student Card - Pledge

We're excited to announce that The Punch Bowl is now a participating venue for Sheffield's ultimate student card, Pledge. If you're a student at Sheffield Hallam University or the University of Sheffield, then please read on.

Our Pledge to you

So, you’re thinking about buying a Pledge card? Not a bad idea. We’re not here to tell you what to do, but we do think our Pledge cards are pretty damn good. What is a Pledge card? Well, it’s our student card that can get you a host of exclusive offers: 20% off – all day – every day 2-4-1 drinks after 5pm on Wednesdays Special offers throughout the year via email One-off freebies only available to Pledge Cardholders Sounds good?

Here’s how you can get your hands on one:

1. Visit this link > http://bit.ly/Get-a-Pledge-card 2. Buy your £2 ticket 3. Activate your Pledge card 4. You’re good to go You can now use your Pledge card and start saving pennies!

You can also use the Pledge card in a few of our venues, including The York, Forum Kitchen + Bar, The Common Room, and The Old House. Keep an eye on your emails, where we’ll be keeping you updated with events and offers throughout the year.


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Opening Times

We are temporatily closed. Please check back here or follow us on social media for updates.

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